All It Takes is Practice and Effort

Posted by:CLIFTON WARREN onAugust 3, 2023

I met the owners of a financial firm. They wanted to generate sales leads quickly and improve sales results..

Their theory was that once they were in front of a qualified prospect, making the sale was easy. The problem was generating qualified leads and converting those into appointments.

So they hired a telemarketing firm to cold call a mailing list of local business that were purchased from a list broker. The telemarketing firm charged an initial set-up fee plus a fee for every appointment they provided.

The firm wasted a lot of money on this and only has a useless mailing list to show for it..

Marketing and lead generation is a skill that any professional can master. In fact, many of today’s top producers were not effective marketers when they started. I believe anyone can improve their marketing abilities with practice and effort, just like technical skills.

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