How We Will Work Together

What is it like to work with Clifton Warren?

My work with you begins with a consultation – usually by Zoom but in person, if you prefer.

In this meeting, which I offer with no obligation, we’ll talk about your business and its purpose, your present performance, and what you’d like to achieve.

I’m happy to review any material about your business you’d like to share with me before we meet. That way, we can use our time effectively.

My Approach

Based on this first meeting, we will make three decisions.

First, we’ll decide whether I can help you. If I think you need someone other than me to work on your concerns, I’ll be the first to let you know.

Second, we’ll decide whether we want to work together.  It’s important for us to agree that we’re a good fit. If not, I’m happy to offer you a referral to someone else.

Finally, We’ll decide which issues we will work on, the value you can expect, the schedule for our work together, and the cost. I’ll write up a summary of our discussion, outline a plan for our work together, and give you the schedule and the cost for the project.


Naturally, you will want to know about the costs involved.The fees for my work vary according to the project. I can tell you this right now: I don’t charge on an hourly basis;  I will always quote a fixed-fee per project.

And after we have agreed on the objectives, value, and cost, I’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done.You’ll never have to worry about a meter running up hourly charges if you call for help. There are no extra fees. You’ll have the full picture of your investment before we start the project.

One more thing with regard to fees: once we agree to proceed with the program, I will ask you to pay a reasonable portion of the program fee at the beginning, with remaining payments due according to a specific schedule.

Results You Can Expect

When you work with me you can expect to see desirable and sustainable changes in your performance and productivity. You will have increased ability and confidence in marketing and selling your services, and you will be able to develop others and grow your business with a lot less struggle and effort.

Why Clifton Warren?

When you’re looking for help these days there are lots of consultants to consider.

Why would you choose to work with me?

What makes me different from the others?

I think one difference lies in the fact of my thirty years’ experience as a successful professional in financial services.

Another is that I don’t work just in theory, but with hands-on approaches that have been proven effective.

Hiring someone from outside for your business is a big step that might seem risky.

I understand that, and that’s whyI will never try to pressure you to make a decision before you’re ready.

You should ask questions until you feel good about making the investment.

If you want to discuss your business or learn more about how we might work together, Send mail feel free to contact me.

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