Who I Work With

I work with financial services businesses of all sizes, from independent professionals to multinational companies. Most of the businesses and professionals I work with have a track record of success but want to grow to a higherlevel.

For some, that means taking a comprehensive view of the business strategy and moving in new directions. Others mightneed to make changes in the processes they use to generatenew business, to maintain good relationships with current clients, or to engage in effective sales management.

The issues I usually address with clients include how to:

  • Improve the overall growth and performance of a financial services business
  • Build a strong brandand market presence for the business
  • Generate more high-quality sales leads,on a consistent basis
  • Leverage existing clients for growth
  • Make thebusiness’ online presence more effective as a tool for generating leads.

To help clients with these and other issues, my work usually falls into one of the following areas.

Sales development

I work with clients to improve their business development strategies, develop their capabilities and increase their success.

Some examples of client projects in this area:

  • Developeda formal sales process to support a firm’s new business development initiative.
  • Identified, positioned and targeted specialty markets, so clientscan expand into new markets.
  • Conducted a multi-workshop for insurance professionals, to support the rollout of an initiative to build more business with their existing clients.
  • Delivered a customised workshop on the fundamentals of account development,including a plan for identifying and prioritising myclient’s ‘top clients’.


Sales Performance Improvement

I work with clients to help them improve their rate of conversion of sales opportunities into clients.

Some of the sales leadership projects I’ve worked on withclients:

  • Delivered a workshop on how to achieve meetings with high potential prospective clients.
  • Conducted numerous workshops –face-to-face and online –on strategies for building a strong personal brand.
  • Conducted team and one-on-one coachingon how to develop high quality referral sources and centres of influences.

I’ve also worked with professionals on specific opportunities they are pursuing.

I can help you formulate your sales strategy, provide input on yoursales proposal, and offer advice on how to manage the overall sales process.



I help clients to improvethe sales management process of producers.

Examples ofprojects I haveworked on with clients:

  • Conducted a workshop on how to design and implement a culture of accountability across thebusiness.
  • Developed a customised workshop on how to monitor and track movement through a sales pipeline.


Workshops and training

Clients have hired me to deliver dozens of workshops, keynote speeches, webinars and presentations on a wide range of topics.

I can collaborate with you to design a workshop or presentation specificallyfor your team, and your business.

These are some of theprograms clients have asked me to deliver:

  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Retaining and Growing Existing Accounts
  • Strategies for Generating Referrals from Existing Clients
  • Finding Time to Market, Service and Sell
  • Creating a Strategy That Everyone Understands


 Individual coaching

 Leaders and professionals face continual challenges, such as:

  • how to build a profitable business (and keep it that way)
  • how best to help others improve their performance
  • how tostrengthen existing client relationships
  • how to achieve their own personal and professional goals.


The Top Performance Coaching program is a one-on-one consultation program for leaders of financial services businesses who are looking fora new way to think about the strategic and tactical issues they face.


To learn more about the program, click here.


Fast Track Growth Assessment

If you’d like an overall assessment of your business, I can conduct a Growth Assessment program, individually tailored for your business.

You can you learn more about the Growth Assessment program here.

If you want to know more about how we might work together, find out morehere.

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