The Accelerator for Professionals

Purpose of the program

Are you a result-oriented executive, experienced professional or newly appointed leader with sales and marketing responsibilities?

Our Coaching is a highly personalized program to help you build your organization into everything you’ve envisioned for it.

The Structure

This program is customized for each individual, but might include topics such as how you can:

Attracting high potential prospective clients

Leveraging existing clients for new ones

Building a strong sales pipeline

Creating a sales culture of accountability

Training and developing sales people

You may have other issues, or a specific task that you want to discuss. Either way, the program is flexible enough to define in any way that you find valuable to help you to accelerate your growth.

How it works

This program is designed to help you accelerate your growth which usually lasts 4 to 8 weeks and, in that period, we’ll meet on a weekly basis by phone, typically for 60 minutes each time. In those meetings, we’ll focus on developing and implementing your strategy.

Between meetings, I will be available by phone or email to discuss new issues, answer questions, or to clarify something we discussed in our meeting.

Are you ready?

We’ll start by thoroughly reviewing your business so I can get a comprehensive and detailed understanding of your overall goals and objectives. Together, we’ll develop a specifically tailored programme that will focus on 1 to 3 precise areas that needs attention.

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