Clifton Warren


As a leader in a financial services business, you know what it means to juggle multiple priorities.

As well as delivering great results for your clients, you also have to:

  • Set the vision and purpose for your business
  • Create a credible market presence
  • Generate and close new sales opportunities
  • Develop sales and marketing plans
  • Manage key relationships
  • Recruit new talent
  • Train your team
  • Keep up with trends that affect your clients and your business
  • Manage financial and administrative activities.

My goal and the purpose of my business is to offer resources and services to help leaders and professionals manage these priorities and build a thriving business, while making sure they still have a life.

Before starting my own business, I was a successful business-to-business insurance salesperson and leader.

I enjoyed my work. I was selling complex risk solutions to corporations, governments and financial institutions. While working with me, financial leaders and professionals shared their business experiences and the challenges and frustrations of growing their business.

At that point, I decided to launch my own consulting practice. To begin with, I worked on a one-on-one basis with individual professionals as they developed their business.

I provided workshops, presentations and training to financial businesses to help them grow.

My free monthly newsletter covered topics that my clients and readers wanted to know more about. You can browse the archives to find material that will help you.

During this time, I also completed a Master’s degree in business, and continued to learn from clients and industry leaders.

As a result of my experience, research and education, I wrote my first book, The Financial Services Marketing Handbook, which guided professionals through the process of building a successful business.

I’ve since written further books that have become my blueprint for advising clients on new business development, growth and retention of commercial clients.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my work over the years, it’s that many people have useful, valuable expertise, but might need a small push to make their expertise known in the market

My goal is to help you develop your capabilities to make big things happen in your business. I hope that the resources and services I offer will give you the nudge you need.

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