Learning Events

A professional career doesn’t have a neutral gear. To help professionals continue to move forward and build their capabilities, I offer a variety of customized learning events in several formats.

I’ve designed each learning event to help attendees with innovative ways to grow their business, service clients, and create rewarding careers. I develop customized events for conferences, sales meetings, business planning meetings, and training sessions.

Keynote Presentations

Each keynote presentation is based on extensive research of your business, the meeting audience and meeting objectives. I work with you to customize a compelling and thought-provoking program in the format most suitable for your business or conference, including

  • Keynote presentations
  • Breakout sessions or workshops
  • Panel discussions

Here are a few examples of potential topics:

  • Sell Less and Partner More: Why You Must Rethink The Way You Sell and Service Clients
  • The Twenty First Century Professional: What You Can Do Today to  Guarantee Your Success Tomorrow
  • Secrets of The Best: Embracing The Winners Mindset

Workshops and seminars

My workshops and seminars can range from a two-hour meeting to a full-day session. The range of topics is broad, but here are a few popular programs:

  • Personal Strategic Planning: Turning Your Plans into Reality
  • Let’s Do Something about Prospecting: Discovering Your Natural Prospects and Clients
  • Cross-selling: Unlocking the Potential of Your Client Base
  • Reach-Out Marketing: Taking the Chill out of Cold Calling
  • Becoming a Natural: Mastering the Art of Salesmanship
  • Attraction Marketing: Getting the Attention of Prospective Clients

I can deliver these programs in many formats, including an in-person meeting, webcast, teleseminar, Skype meeting or in another way that you choose.

Click here if you want to learn more about how my learning events and our other programs work.

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