Want to drive growth? Focus daily on these four activities

Posted by:CLIFTON WARREN onMarch 16, 2018

Time management is a challenge at times for all professionals, with demands from existing clients it’s very easy (tempting) to get caught in the service trap and spend less time on selling.
Of course, this often results in poor sales pipeline activity and ultimately declining revenue.
Top professionals guard the time by structuring their day around four activities:
1.  Referral management.75 percent of your new business should be obtained from referrals from existing clients and center of influences. Strive to build and maintain an overflowing sales pipeline more opportunities than you time to follow up on.
2.  Relationship management. There are five relationships to manage, centers of influences, suppliers, prospects (sales pipeline) and team members.
3.  Retaining top clients. The goal should be 100 percent retention of all of your desired clients. Retention includes not just the number of clients but also revenue. Focus on value ensuring your top clients are full-time and have all of their business.
4.  Results. Everything that you do each day should be focused obtaining a good result for you, your firm, your clients and your suppliers.  
These four activities should account for 80% of your day ensuring that you always maintain an overflowing sales pipeline and producing consistent organic growth each year.

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