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Three Proven Ways to Leverage Your Existing Clients for Growth

Posted by:CLIFTON WARREN onFebruary 21, 2018

Everything that you do in your business should be about producing a result that ties back to the financial goals and objectives that you have established.
A key objective should be to maintain an overflowing sales pipeline that presents you with more opportunities than time.
Existing Client, are your biggest and most often overlooked opportunities for filling your sales pipeline.
It is much easier to obtain leads, introductions, and referrals from people who already know and trust you than it is from other sources.
Here are three proven ways to leverage your existing clients and build your sales pipeline:
Referral Agenda Request
During your client meeting formally put referrals on the agenda for discussion. Use this time to educate and remind your best clients of your ideal client profile.
Sample script
“Mr. Client We work best with clients who are (Ideal traits/characteristics) Does anyone in your network come to mind?”
Testimonial Request
Testimonial are very powerful, they can and should be used in all your marketing materials including your website, brochures, and marketing letters.
Create examples of client testimonials. Ask each of your top clients for testimonial using your examples as guide.
Linked Referral Request
LinkedIn is a powerful social media tool for establishing business connections and marketing.
Connect with each your top clients on LinkedIn. Once you are connected you’re connected you’ll have an opportunity to review their network connections for ideal prospective clients.
List two-to-three names to discuss with your clients and obtain a referral or introduction.
Keep an open mind and think creatively. Look for the core lesson and idea behind them. Ask how can I modify this concept to make this work for my specific situation?

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