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Sales Mastery

Posted by:CLIFTON WARREN onApril 3, 2023

Several years ago, while living in New Zealand, I took up fly-fishing. I took casting lessons to learn the basics, and purchased all the right gear, including rod, reels and waders.

For one solid year, I didn’t catch a single fish. I was getting bored and impatient. It would have been very easy to give in.

One day, I was fishing in the Tongariro River, on the North Island of New Zealand. As I was pulling my line in, I felt a little tug. I thought I’d snagged a log. As I pulled harder to free my line, though, there was a tug back. I had a hooked a fish.

It excited me to land my first fish – a 5-pound rainbow trout.

Once I’d caught that first one, I caught many more and I started to enjoy my fishing.

There is always excitement whenever we learn something new, whether it’s fishing, playing the piano or learning how to sell. We start off with great enthusiasm but we quickly realize it’s going to take hard work.

That’s when boredom and impatience with the routine can set in. But don’t give in. Allow time to take its course.

Three Steps to Sales Mastery

When you are learning something new, there are three phases you go through:

The Apprentice Phase. You’re observing and learning basic skills, developing your marketing message, identifying your ideal future client and finding your niche market, as well as learning how to deal with objections and nurture prospects who are not yet ready to do business.

The Action Phase. You practise and gain fluency in contacting prospective clients, getting meeting and asking for referrals. The more you practise, the more your confidence grows. You see results – getting meetings with prospective clients, presenting unique solutions, acquiring new clients and getting referrals.

The Mastery Phase. You have moved from student to practitioner and you bring your own style into play. You have your own systematic way of establishing relationships and converting prospects into clients. Selling has become enjoyable and natural. You constantly generate significant results, regardless of the market conditions.

Once you have reached The Mastery Phase, you have a responsibility to give back. Now you can teach others in your business and help them become top performers.



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