Are You a Hunter or Trapper?

Posted by:admin onJuly 21, 2015

There are basically two ways to build a successful financial services business: the hard way as a hunter or the easy way as a trapper.

What’s the difference? Hunters are product centered; they concentrate on anything that moves. In the process, they invest a lot of time and energy but get little return on their marketing and selling investment.

They eventually develop a fear of and reluctance for prospecting, and so they avoid it simply because they lack the skills to do it effectively.

Concept Focused

Trappers, on the other hand, are concept centered instead of product focused. This enables them to prospect by communicating ideas. They take pride in their profession. They view themselves as professional services providers who have something unique to offer.

They understand that the products they offer are practical vehicles to attain results for their clients.

Instead of just aiming at anything that moves, trappers select their markets and use a wide variety of marketing techniques to gain the attention of prospective clients, come to them, or at least pave the way to warmly approach them.

Trappers are able to project an unmistakable conviction and can overcome difficult situations without becoming discouraged by rejection.

Product Focused

Hunters often see themselves as simply order takers. They limit themselves to selling a specific product, instead of using the product as means for a prospective client to achieve their broader objectives.

To become an effective trapper, you will need to develop a sales concept or philosophy. Here is how you can start:

  • Make a list of all of the features and benefits that your service or products provide to clients.
  • Next to each feature and benefit, list the outcomes or value that it provides.
  • Next to each value, list your beliefs or why this is important.
  • Summarise your list of beliefs into ideas.

Top financial services professional Martin Shafioff said, “Your sales concept or philosophy will become an inspirational force allowing you to communicate and market your ideas on a level that is unattainable by those who lack it.”

When you become a trapper, you will be building your business the easy way.

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