For those who hate “selling” themselves

Posted by:CLIFTON WARREN onApril 28, 2020

Guest Post by Jason Leister

If you hate selling yourself, then maybe today is the day to ask yourself WHY.

What if it’s not actually selling that you hate, but the definition of selling that you’ve accepted that is keeping you from embracing the act?

What would it take to catapult “selling” from its current status as a rather morally corrupt pursuit to one that is revered for its purity and truth?

Purity and truth? From a used car salesman? Is that even possible?

I think the short answer is that it would take a new definition of the word.

Let’s write one.

What is a word that describes a deep interest in understanding the problems of others?


What is a word that describes a strong desire to solve other people’s problems?


What is a word that describes a commitment to add value to the life of someone whether or not they buy something from you?


What is a word that describes the act of helping others achieve what they want, the natural byproduct of which will tend to create what you want?


Language is a powerful thing. Words set conceptual boundaries that manifest a select set of actions.

Understanding you don’t have to accept the meaning you’re given, the explanation you’re given, the rationale you’re given… FOR ANYTHING… that’s when you realize just how much power is at your disposal to create the world YOU want to see.

What would “selling” have to look like for you to love doing it?


Jason Leister

Editor, The Incomparable Expert Daily Journal:

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