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Accountability Equals Growth

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Do you want to unlock the secret to producing superior growth? The key is simply to make sure that everyone is involved in the right activities, at the right time. If you want to get everyone on board, and build a high-performance team, you must create a strong culture of accountability.
One of the things that top-performing firms have in common, regardless of their size, is that they do an outstanding job of holding everyone accountable.
It begins by establishing clearly the things for which everyone will be held accountable, and being consistent in making sure they are done. This will achieve superior results.
A Seven-step Checklist for Building a Culture of Accountability:
  • Own Sales Leadership. Someone has to own sales leadership. In a small firm this person will most likely be you; in larger firms more than one person can assume this role.
  • Measure What You Want to Manage. Top performers measure results with a level of detail that allows them to understand what is actually going on within their business; they constantly review activities, and determine those required to achieve results.
  • Manage What You Measure. Top performers hold everyone accountable for results. If results are not being achieved, they ratchet up accountability, monitoring activities and focusing on those that drive results.
  • Provide Help When Needed. When individuals fall short of their stated objectives, the first step is to find out why and then provide the help they need. This might involve training, education, or technical knowledge.
  • Have the Courage and Will to Act. Average performing firms are too often tolerant of poor performance. On the other hand, top-performing firms understand that until they are willing to address non-performance issues directly, their words and actions are hollow and ineffective.
  • Elevate Expectations. Average-performing firms achieve average results because they allow their producers to set average goals. Top-performing firms continue to raise the bar on the definition of acceptable behaviour and results.
  • Have Everyone Move in the Same Direction. A sales leader’s primary job is to tie the whole thing together, and to get everyone on board. Leaders must ‘walk the talk’; they should provide necessary support and help, be personally engaged, and contribute to the sales culture.
Accountability equals growth.
Use the Seven-step Checklist to get everyone on board and build a strong culture of accountability. It’s the key to unlock superior performance and better results.

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