This unique approach

This unique approach, which focuses on the words, questions, phrases, and listening devices utilized in the close, involves extensive role-playing and testing. The program is 25% lecture, 60% interaction and role-play, and 15% debriefing. In a safe but challenging environment, you will master the techniques, skills, and tactics which will be immediately useful in your marketing and sales efforts.


  • Pre-course preparation materials ensure that you work on your toughest calls, thorniest objections, and highest potential prospects.
  • The program job aid manual includes lists of questions, reinforcement of the learning, special techniques for unique circumstances, and a personal action plan.
  • During the workshop you can sit in the “hot seat” and either practice your own responses or try your toughest objections on Alan and learn his responses.
  • You will have the opportunity to practice intimately with small learning teams within the larger group.
  • You will have the opportunity to observe the “hot seat” and learn from a safe distance.
  • The workshop includes a 30-day period of email questions to Clifton’s personal email address, to be answered within 24 hours. Use this to practice before a sales call or to debrief after one, or simply to continue to hone your skills.
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