Power Prospecting: Converting Prospects Into Profitable New Clients


New clients are the bread and butter of any successful financial services business. Converting prospects into new clients, however, is far from simple in a market that is becoming increasingly crowded and competitive.

Power Prospecting is a program designed and delivered by Clifton Warren. It is a highly participative, interactive workshop designed for insurance, banking, wealth and finance professionals. It focuses on filling your sales pipeline with high potential prospective clients and converting them into sources of profitable new business revenue.

Benefits of the workshop

Participants will see significantly improved results and outcomes.

You will learn how to:

Secure meetings with high potential prospective clients

Conduct a winning new business discussion

Follow up and nurture prospects who are not yet ready to buy

Overcome the most common buying objections

Powerful and proven techniques to find and attract prospects from a variety of sources

Get and use referrals and introductions

Build and maintain an overflowing sales pipeline filled with high potential prospective clients.

This unique approach is highly practical

The program is 25% lecture, 60% interaction and real-world scenarios and 15% debriefing.

In a safe but challenging environment, you will master the conversational techniques that will be immediately useful in working with your business development. The approach focuses on the words, questions, phrases and listening skills used in prospecting and involves extensive role-playing and testing.

Key features:

Pre-course preparation materials, to make sure you can identify your ideal prospects

Program materials, including scripts, questions, checklists, worksheets and a personal action plan

During the workshop, you can sit in the ‘hot seat’ and either practise your own responses or try out your toughest objections on Clifton and learn from his responses

You’ll also be able to observe the ‘hot seat’ and learn from a safe distance

There’ll be opportunities to practise in smaller learning teams within the larger group

The workshop includes a 30-day period of email questions you can direct to Clifton’s personal email address and receive answers within 24 hours.

You can use this to practise before a sales call, debrief after one or simply continue to hone your skills.

Major components of the workshop

You’ll discover how to:

Be positioned as the go-to person in your niche markets

Use a variety of techniques to find and attract high potential clients

Design and execute your prospecting action plan

Obtain and prepare for meetings with prospective clients

Conduct a new business discussion, including: what to say after ‘hello’; how to qualify clients and define their needs; the best ways to handle and counter objections


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