Getting New Clients

Getting New Clients:

You Don’t Have to Be a Professional Salesperson to Obtain Profitable New Business

Unless your comfort zone is large enough to handle the inevitable rejection that accompanies wide-angle, horizontal prospecting, you’ll find selecting a market niche a much easier way to conduct your business development activities and grow your business. The secret to predictable, significant growth is to be somebody special to a special group of people.

This program is designed for financial services professionals who want to jump-start their growth. High achievers who have a specialist niche always out-perform those who don’t. If you do not know how to develop a niche speciality market we will show you, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do to penetrate a targeted niche successfully and attract new clients. If you already have a niche speciality business, you we’ll show you how to improve your results. You will learn better ways to leverage your time, technology and resources to obtain profitable new clients.

Benefits of the program include the following improved results and outcomes:

  • Select the right industry
  • Build the image you want to project in the marketplace
  • Develop a reputation as an ‘insider’ in your niche market
  • Gain the attention of high-potential profitable clients
  • Learn how to acquire them as your clients
  • Open doors to qualified prospects in targeted businesses
  • Leverage time and existing relationships to attract new high-potential clients
  • Out-execute competitors serving your niche market
  • Prepare for and open new business discussions
  • Present and handle concerns, and close new business discussions

This unique approach, which focuses on the words, questions, phrases, and listening devices utilized in the close, involves extensive role-playing and testing. The program is 25% lecture, 60% interaction and role-play, and 15% debriefing. In a safe but challenging environment, you will master the techniques, skills, and tactics which will be immediately useful in your marketing and sales efforts.

  • Pre-course preparation materials ensure that you work on your toughest calls, thorniest objections, and highest potential prospects.
  • The program job aid manual includes lists of questions, reinforcement of the learning, special techniques for unique circumstances, scripts and a personal action plan.
  • During the workshop, you can sit in the “hot seat” and either practice your own responses or try your toughest objections on Clifton and learn his responses.
  • You will have the opportunity to practice intimately with small learning teams within the larger group.
  • You will have the opportunity to observe the “hot seat” and learn from a safe distance.
  • The workshop includes a 30-day period of email questions to Clifton’s personal email address, to be answered within 24 hours. Use this to practice before a sales call or to debrief after one, or simply to continue to hone your skills.


Major components of the day will include:

Developing your new client acquisition program:

  • How to select your target market
  • Developing an insider understanding of niche market industry
  • Developing an insider understanding of niche industry
  • Preparing your promotion and delivery system

Getting and Preparing for appointments with prospective clients:

    • Selecting a need and the right suspects to contact
    • Developing and managing your initial contact program
    • Gaining the attention of high quality prospective clients
    • Getting appointments with high potential prospective clients

Conducting a winning new-business discussion

  • Opening the discussion
  • Defining the existing need situation
  • Presenting your proposed solution
  • Handling concerns and closing the discussion

Managing your niche marketing process

  • Preparing a winning proposal
  • Reinforcing your client’s choice
  • Nurturing prospective clients who are not yet ready to buy
  • Developing and implementing your plan

What others say

“I have very little experience in marketing. I have learnt to be positive in what I’m capable of doing. I now understand where to go to look for new business.”

Bev Wright


“I consider Clifton to be a strategic extension to my team, and he is liked and accepted as a member of our National Sales Force, recognised for his gentle, but no-nonsense manner, and high integrity. I am pleased to recommend Clifton for any challenges you sales team may have…”

Andrew Hadjikakou


There are several things that I have both learned and importantly benefited from, these extend from raising my eyes on my business goals, aiming for higher revenue, breaking down goals into bite size pieces and additionally how to develop and implement goals and ideas.” Luke Provis – Managing Director Future First


Clifton Warren is an expert in the marketing and selling of financial services. He is the author of the recently released book Financial Services Sales Handbook: A Professional’s Guide to Becoming a Top Producer. His latest book Cross-selling Financial Services: A Guide to Driving Organic Growth will be released later this year.


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