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Experienced Professionals Never Stop Learning

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Top professionals know that learning is a lifelong pursuit. Education, training and development will bring greater benefits for your clients, your industry and your own career.
Experienced Professionals Never Stop Learning
The Banking Royal Commission has highlighted one key thing: the need for continual education and training for experienced professionals. Regardless of how long you’ve been in the industry, your professional development should be ongoing, and you should never stop learning.
To continue to grow as a professional, build a successful practice, and serve your clients and your community ethically, you must continually develop yourself in the areas of knowledge relevant to your speciality – insurance, banking, finance – and also in the art of selling.
Just Do it
Whatever you think you need to do – to ‘keep up’ in your industry and to grow – just do it! To be less of a salesperson than you are capable of doesn’t do yourself justice, or help your clients. It’s also a mistake to stop learning because you’ve reached a plateau and consider yourself to be ‘successful’. In both cases you are doing your industry and clients a disservice.
Education and training go hand-in-hand.
*  Be active in your industry. Attend your industry association meetings and conferences. It’s worth doing even if you come away with just one good idea.
*  Contribute. Give back by sharing your experience at industry forums and local meetings.
*  Be receptive. Have an open mind. Be smart enough to walk away with the things that will help you, instead of letting what you didn’t like bug you.
The best practitioner keeps on learning. I like what one top professional says: “I do try to keep up. I do try to keep growing as a salesperson. And I’m continually getting new ideas from others – ideas I implement into my own methods of operation”.
The very best professionals continue to learn. So should you. To do otherwise is short-changing your clients, your industry and your career.

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