Top Performance Program

The insurance and financial services industry is rapidly changing, increased competition, smarter buyers who wants deal with professionals instead of sales people,  leaving many professional completely overwhelmed and dissatisfied the growth trajectory of their business.

Top Performer Growth Program is a one-on-one consultation program for leaders of financial  services businesses who want new thinking about the strategic and tactical issues they face in their day-to-day challenges to create a clear path to more sales, better retention and more earnings.

This program is customized for each individual, but might include topics such as how you can:

  • Become an effective marketer: Learn and implement the skills that will help you attract your ideal client and build a strong sales pipeline.
  • Communicate your value. Develop a marketing message and marketing materials, be more confident in communicating how your business can help others.
  • Become more courageous. About getting out there and communicating with prospective clients. Get past any resistance and avoidance that you have about marketing.
  • Market your authentic self. Feel good about marketing yourself and confident that you have something of real value to offer.
  • Be comfortable with the whole selling process – from meeting with prospective clients to closing the sale.

 I’ve been working with Insurance and Financial Services Professionals for more than 20 years. During that time I’ve helped hundreds of clients to become better, more successful marketers, improve client retention and boost new business results. There’s a very good chance I can help you as well.

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Vertical Acceleration Program

A Growth Program for the Financial Services Organisations
Are you struggling with low organic growth?

Are you frustrated with the productivity of your producers?

Are you ready to discover how to improve your business results?

If you’re like most of my clients, you already have a strong track record of success but, for whatever reason, you currently find yourself feeling stuck, and facing significant growth challenges that you don’t quite know how to overcome.

Some issues that I see over and over again with financial service frims:

  • Producers who are spending too much time servicing existing clients instead of filling their sales pipeline and aggressively pursuing new business.
  • Insufficient system in place for following up with part-time clients who only have a small amount of business with you to discuss additional products and services and turn them into 100% full-time clients.
  • An over reliance ad-hoc marketing approaches to generate leads and hoping for the best. Instead of facilitating leads and referrals from existing clients and centers of Influencers.

Whatever your specific circumstances, you feel a sense of urgency about changing things. You know that if you continue as is, you’ll probably continue to achieve similar results . You’re invested in making a difference, and you’re not willing to coast.

What’s possible for you?

I’ve helped companies dramatically increase their sales, buy focusing on these three key areas:
  • 1. A unquie sales process for identifying a prospect all the way to actual delivery of services and stewardship reporting once the business has been secured covering every step along the way. Providing a training platform for experience and new producers.
  • 2. Putting more attention on separating sales from service
    With producers spending the majority of their time on sales-related activities to build overflowing sales pipelines of their ideal clients.
  • 3. Leveraging client and Center of influence relationships that provide the majority of new business from referral or introduction.

How we help you produce these results with our Vertical Acceleration Program.

  • 1. We show you how to create a culture of accountablity help identify your ideal niche markets and build an overflowing sales pipeline filled with your ideal clients.
  • 2. We show you how to develop a company-wide unique selling system used across the business that improves retention and generates referrals that replicate your best clients.
  • 3. We show you how to put an account management system in place convert your part time clients into 100% full clients through cross selling.

As a result of these initiatives, your organization will experience… A dramatic improvement in your sales a result of having an overflowing sales pipeline and a results-oriented sales team.

The ultimate client experience for your top clients, achieve 100% retention of your desirable clients, and have 80% of your new business generated from referrals that are clones of your best clients.

The clarity, confidence and capabilities to design the future for your business, and feel absolutely sure about where you are going and how you will get there.

All this is possible with the Vertical Acceleration Program

Vertical Acceleration is a comprehensive and customised 6-month sales and marketing program that is focused specifically on you, and built to meet your specific challenges and goals. It is designed to create and execute the ultimate marketing strategy to help you expand and grow your business vertically by replicating and leveraging your top clients.

Specific Objectives

The goal of this program is to improve the effectiveness and profitability of your business, with objectives in five strategic areas:
  • 1. Sales Objective: To develop a pro-active sales business, by acquiring new high potential clients, preparing winning proposals and selling valued added services
  • 2. Sales management: To become client smart, leveraging the strengths of your staff, building high performance sales and service teams, and retaining and replicating your top clients.
  • 3. Leadership Objective:  3.To build market awareness by establishing and building your brand in the marketplace, and to create a culture of accountability that is totally results based.
  • 3. Service Objective: To ensure client satisfaction, by delivering the ultimate client service experience that encourages your best clients to refer you, and to round out clients to create full-time only clients.
  • 3. Financial Management Objective To implement strategies and behaviours that will positively affect your top line revenue growth.

What makes this program different?

The Vertical Acceleration Program is a one-on-one consultation program. It is specifically for owners and leaders of financial services businesses who want to explore new thinking about the strategic and tactical issues they face in their day-to-day challenges, and to create a clear path to more sales, better retention and higher earnings.

The flexible and customised design of the program provides an easy pathway for you to focus on your business, and to work on it, not just in it. It will help you achieve a wide range of effective sales and marketing objectives.

In this program you will:

Expand services for current clients with cross-selling

Improve your organic growth

Capitalise on the potential within your business

Generate profitable growth

Manage your image and brand in the marketplace

Boost sales skills through prospecting and leading sales conversations

Improve negotiation and closing skills

Equip your business with the right tools and skills to find and win new business

The program includes:

Working with me on your predetermined goals

A six-month comprehenaive engagement

Twice monthly meetings; depending on location, this can be in person or by Zoom video

Deadlines, timelines and accountabilities to help you achieve your goals

Unlimited email contact

Unlimited review of your work

Unlimited phone calls

Pre sales meeting preparation

Post meeting review and debrief


Worksheets… that help you implement what you learn

Templates… that give you


Scripts… for

Special reports and webinars

Website review and recommendations

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