Cross Selling: Increasing Revenue From Your Clients


It can cost 5 to 25 times more to gain a new client than to keep one. This alone should make the marketing of the full-service range to your existing clients a top priority.

Cross Selling is a program designed and delivered by Clifton Warren. It is a highly participative, interactive workshop designed for insurance, banking, wealth, and finance professionals. It focuses on creating profitable revenue from your existing clients and also shows you how to protect revenue from those clients that your more aggressive competitors might target.

Benefits of the workshop

Participants will see significantly improved results and outcomes.

You will learn how to:

Forge long-term partnerships with your best clients and establish a strong client-base.

Sell additional services to the same client and increase your revenues

Safeguard your clients from aggressive competitors.

Re-establish relationships with former clients

Work with your client base to sell additional services

Produce, protect and maintain your revenue stream.

This unique approach is highly practical

The program is 25% lecture, 60% interaction and real-world scenarios, and 15% debriefing.

In a safe but challenging environment, you will master the conversational techniques that will be immediately useful in working with your existing clients. The approach focuses on the words, questions, phrases and listening skills used in cross selling and involves extensive role-playing and testing.

Pre-course preparation materials ensure you work on your highest potential clients

Program materials include scripts, questions, checklists, worksheets and a personal action plan

During the workshop, you can sit in the ‘hot seat’ and either practise your own responses or try out your toughest objections on Clifton and learn from his responses

You’ll also be able to observe the ‘hot seat’ and learn from a safe distance

There’ll be opportunities to practise in smaller learning teams within the larger group

The workshop includes a 30-day period of email questions you can direct to Clifton’s personal email address, and receive answers within 24 hours

You can use this to practise before a sales call, debrief after one or simply continue to hone your skills.

Major components of the workshop

You’ll discover how to:

Craft an approach to marketing that focuses on the client and create tools to strengthen client relationships

Classify and target your existing clients

Identify products and services clients are buying from others

Overcome roadblocks and hurdles to cross-selling

Design and execute your action plan

Make cross-selling work for you.

If you want to discuss your business or learn more about how we might work together, feel free to contact me.

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