The Contact Marketing Program

Are you ready to take your marketing and prospecting to a whole new level?


This program is for financial services professionals, sales manager and leaders, and anyone whose job description includes business development.

Do any of these statements describe you?

You already know that prospecting for clients is important

but there’s just too much going on, so you put it off.


You’re too busy to prospect

… you have so much client work to do, and there’s a lot going on in your life.


You’re overwhelmed by so many options

… or you’re discouraged by your past results.


You want to equip your team better

… and give them the means and training to break through to their dream prospects and target accounts


You’ve hit a plateau in your business and it’s not growing at the rate you’d like

… but now you’re ready to work hard to take the next step forward.


In this program, I will work with you to achieve 3 primary objectives.

I will help you:

Create a customized marketing action plan and marketing approach that will successfully put you and your business where your dream clients and targeted prospects are.


Build confidence in marketing yourself and getting out of your own way — past your resistance, fears, limiting patterns and beliefs so that you can take action consistently and boldly to reach your goals.


Develop a customised marketing and prospecting system to enable you to convert prospects into clients with less effort, and make your prospecting efforts more rewarding and enjoyable.


The results you can expect from the program

You will:

Have a customised prospecting plan that can be deployed immediately.


Know how to market and prospect consistently – not just when you need the work and have the time to market yourself.


Know exactly what to do – and you’ll have the confidence to do it right.


Understand how to build and maintain a qualified list of prospective clients.


Be able to implement dozens of market approaches – including phone scripts, emails and letters – for different markets


See marketing as more enjoyable, rewarding and profitable.


How it works

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for anyone. I work in partnership with you to develop and deploy a customized prospecting plan, which addresses your marketing issues directly, using approaches to suit your style and personality.


I’ll show you how to craft your own customised prospecting plan and system, factoring in your goals, preferences and time constraints. You’ll have an ACTION plan with real, concrete steps – a system you can follow.


I’ll show you simple tricks, templates, emails, letters and scripts to make sure you consistently get your marketing activity done – good intentions are not enough!


I’ll show you how to make this activity more ‘automatic’ so that it becomes a habit. That way you’ll do it consistently, and finally break the cycle of peaks and valleys that comes from inconsistent prospecting.


Given your time constraints and client demands, I won’t overwhelm you with information. Instead, I’ll teach you the marketing action plans and prospecting techniques that are relevant to you. I’ll give you what you need fast.


You’ll walk out of this experience with a tangible, effective and ‘do-able’ plan you can start deploying immediately.


You’ll know exactly what to do – and you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to do it right.


The Next Step

If you want to discuss your business, or learn more about how we might work together, feel free to contact me.



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