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7 Tips for Getting More Meetings with Prospective Clients


Building a successful financial service business is not complicated, but then again, I won’t pretend that it’s easy. If it were, there would be a lot more top producing professionals.   In the 20 years I’ve been advising, coaching and training professionals I have identified the biggest challenge for many professionals: getting meetings with qualified…

Forget Playing the Numbers Game


Baseball is one of my favourite sports. Did you know that for a ball player to have an average season, they need a batting average between .250–.300?   This means that they only need to get a hit three out of every 10 times at bat. Anything greater than this is considered a good season….

Why You Should Ignore Your Competitors


  Picture an iceberg. It has only about 10 percent of its total mass above the water, while the other 90 percent is beneath the surface. However, that 90 percent is what the ocean currents act on, and what creates the iceberg behaviour at its tip.   Financial services selling can be viewed in a…

Six Ways To Stay on Top of Your Game


  I recently had the opportunity to see one of my all-time favorite groups, The Temptations, perform in Melbourne.   This group has gone through many personal changes over the past 50 years, yet has kept its amazing harmonies, outstanding choreography and stylish dress. The group’s founder, Otis Williams, is 75 years old, but his…

The 4 questions prospective clients are asking


When you meet prospective clients, or anyone else who does not personally know you and your firm, you can be sure they have four important questions on their mind: and you should be able to answer them. Who are you? What do you do? What value do you provide? With whom do you work? Who…

How to Package and Position Your Expertise


Top professionals understand that they are in the marketing and selling business, and the primary reason for their existence as financial services professionals is to market and sell products to existing clients, and acquire new ones. Failure, or the inability, to do this effectively is the number one reason many professionals and firms do not…

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