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Don’t Underestimate The Power of Your Personal Contacts and Network

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There are two ways to build a successful financial services business, the hard way and the easy way. Too often I see professionals go around the corner to get next door by purchasing a cold list of names” and relying on marketing tactics, such as telephone cold calling and direct mail. A contact list of…

Seven Market-Based Tactics to Achieve Superior Growth

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Top professionals select a handful of marketing tactics and learn how to do these well. This allows them to maximise their marketing time to achieve the greatest return on their time invested. Top firms and professionals are constantly expanding their comfort zone to generate multiple sources and ways of getting business. Here are seven market-based…

        Stealing Market Share from Your Competitors

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Major accounts are not lost overnight, and more importantly, they are seldom lost on just price. When a firm loses a major account, it’s often the result of a competitor’s ability to successfully target and steal the account. Not so long ago I received a frantic call from the leader of a financial services firm…

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